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Social Responsibility


Since 2015, Silver Living has been inviting customers, business partners, employees and above all the residents of all Lower Austrian Silver Living houses, as well as individual houses from other federal states, under the motto “Family & Friends” twice a year in order to attend the enchanting musical productions by Norberto Bertassi, artistic director of teatro.

The ensemble of the Mödlinger Musiktheater consists of talented young and professional adult actors, whose passion about the cause becomes obvious upon seeing them perform. Thomas Morgl explains the original idea of ​​the successful cooperation as follows: “Our concept of assisted living also includes bringing younger and older people together in order to promote mutual understanding. Nowhere does that work better than in direct exchange with one another. It is also very important to us to support teatro – for us musical with “heart and soul” – in the long term.”

In the meantime, the musical visits that take place twice a year in summer and winter have become a fixed point for our guests, which they look forward to with great anticipation. In 2017 Silver Living was able to win Lower Austrian Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner for protection of honor for our invitation to that year’s performance of “A Christmas story”.

Workshop Silver Living teatro


Among other things, this gave rise to the idea of ​​a joint workshop in a supervised residential complex in Lower Austria. Norberto Bertassi and his young teatro team danced, acted and sang for a whole day with the residents of the senior citizens’ residence in Mödling (NÖ).

The mix of young and older participants worked very well and the extensive program was implemented enthusiastically. The more than positive response from senior citizens is just one of the reasons why Silver Living is happy to promote the teatro concept and is happy to stick to the fruitful cooperation.

Social Responsibility bei Silver Living


Since 2018 we have been combining the invitations to the teatro winter musical in December with a fundraising campaign in favor of children’s charity. By doubling the donated money through Silver Living, a check for € 2,000.00 was handed over to MOKI Niederösterreich in favor of Lower Austrian families with sick children. MOKI is a Lower Austrian association that supports families with sick children in mobile child care.

At Christmas of the following year, DEBRA Austria was also able to look forward to the handover of € 2,000.00. The money goes to children with epidermolysis bullosa. It is a congenital, serious and currently incurable skin disease of around 500 “butterfly children” in Austria. Affected people are so named because their skin is as vulnerable as the wings of a butterfly.

The donations collected during the covid-related smaller-scale theater evening in 2021 benefited the women’s shelters in Mödling and Brunn am Gebirge.

In 2022, funds were raised for a community project for refugee Ukrainian families in Graz, which Silver Living was able to set up together with its care partner SBZ at the beginning of the Ukraine war. A total of 43 people between the ages of 2 and 77 (including 12 children and teenagers, 21 women and 10 men) are accommodated there and given low-threshold care by the SBZ. Traditionally, Silver Living doubled the donations collected during the evening, which ended up raising almost € 2,000.00.