SiLi - but not silly!

Allow us to introduce to you: SiLi – but not silly! Our little expert lightbulb with lots of knowledge about the topics of Assisted Living, living with old age, senior living, etc., now shares its expertise once a month with our followers on the Silver Living company profile on LinkedIn. Every first Wednesday of the month, a SiLi expert posting appears in one of the categories: #silifacts, #siliglossary or #sililexikon. Subject areas taken up are e.g. facts about care, demographic data, trends, habits, Austrian Standards (ÖNORM) and much more.

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“Hello, I'm SiLi and I have tons of expert knowledge on the topics of Assisted Living, senior living and old age up my sleeve! If you have any questions about care work, demographics, trends or habits, please send me a message using our contact form!”

- SiLi, expert lightbulb at Silver Living